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LeGrand Andre Whitt: CEO


Joe Wesley Patton Jr.: Producer


Richard Mosley: COO

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Baltimore Native LeGrand Whitt Sinatra of Soul is a seasoned singer, songwriter, and entertainer of the Highest caliber. His gifted, silky smooth voice and extensive range has the influence of many artist such as Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Usher and Stokely from the group” Mint Condition”. LeGrand worked and was mentored by several Grammy and Nominated Grammy Platinum Producers such as Skip Scarborough. LeGrand Whitt also, worked with Steve Russell Harts nominated Grammy Producer and Lead singer for the hit RnB Group “Troop” . Steve Produced, wrote, and arranged the hit song titled “I Got That”. LeGrand sang the Lead vocals and the Composition will be Released in 2024.

Richard Mosley; Is a singer and musician who plays piano, organ, bass guitar and drums. He is also a vocalist, song writer, producer and recording engineer to name a few.He has traveled all across the country singing and performing before thousands, he developed his unique style of singing and playing through his passion for music and singing praises unto to God.He began playing piano at the age of 7 during the same year his mother was murdered. He started playing piano when mistakenly he pressed the keys of a piano that was left in a house his grandparents moved into. When he heard the sound that it made, something inside of him was triggered, and he began playing chords. Later he was trained by his music teacher from Peabody Institute, who gave him home lessons for free, because she recognized his talent. Now after 58 years of playing he has developed a unique style that fans all over the world love to hear.

I grew up in a diverse, nurturing environment in Southern California where love, creativity and encouragement were always around. Throughout my professional life I have done my share of recording and touring and I have also been greatly privileged to work with some of the most successful and visible artists in modern music history, such as Mr. Luther Vandross for whom I was a member of a choir put together to back him on the song "Love the one you're with". I've also been blessed to be tutored by none other jazz great Johnny Hammond Smith, Wilfred Middlebrooks (Bass player for Ella Fitsgerald) and I’ve worked with Oscar nominated actress Dyan Cannon (primary keyboard player, guitar player and band leader for her ministry "God's party").